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Aboitiz Equity is top stockholder of UnionBank

UNION Bank of the Philippines (UBP), in a general information sheet (GIS), reported authorized capital stock (ACS) totaling 1,411,422,420 common and preferred shares, divided into 1,311,422,420 common shares with a par value of P10 each and 100 million preferred shares with a higher par value of P100 each.

The GIS declared that 4,926 Filipinos were investors in 1,203,307,681 UBP common shares or 98.68 percent and that 37 foreigners had bought 16,055,137 common shares or 1.32 percent of the bank’s paid-up capital stock. Of the 37 non-Filipinos, 10 are Americans, (389,412 common shares), two British (5,017 common shares), 13 Chinese (147,936 common shares), two Canadians (202,740 common shares), one Swedish (1,638 common shares), four Indians (1,865 common shares), one Japanese (4,950 common shares), one Malaysian (381 common shares) and one Spanish (660 common shares). Two other aliens invested in 15,300,538 UBP common shares.

Aboitiz Equity Ventures Inc. is UBP’s top stockholder with 511,581,606 common shares or 41.95 percent. At No. 2 is PCD Nominee Corp., which held 210,461,006 common shares or 17.26 percent for Filipinos and was No. 6 as holder of 15,300,509 common shares or 1.25 percent for “other alien.” Insular Life Assurance Co. Ltd. is UBP’s No. 3 stockholder as owner of 198,274,191 common shares or 16.26 percent.

The Social Security System’s UBP ownership totaled 186,385,702 common shares, divided into 153,464,480 common shares or 12.59 percent and 32,921,222 common shares or 2.70 percent.

By the way, UnionBank’s GIS placed at P545,375,162.88 the bank’s “total annual compensation of directors during the preceding fiscal year.” Apparently, UBP is referring to fiscal year 2019.


Philippine Seven Corp. (PhilSeven), in a preliminary information statement, reported the salaries and bonuses of the company’s five highest paid executives. For 2021, it estimated the top five will receive P12.68 million in salaries and bonuses totaling P34.13 million. In 2020, they were paid salaries totaling P14.09 million and bonuses worth P37.92 million.

“All other officers and directors as a group unnamed” will be paid based on PhilSeven’s estimate, P18.74 million as salaries and P44.04 million as bonuses. In 2020, they were paid P20.82 million in salaries and P48.93 million in bonuses; these totaled P17.46 million and P35.80 million, respectively, in 2019.

In a general information sheet, PhilSeven said it paid directors P4,167,177 as their “total annual compensation during the preceding fiscal year,” referring to 2019 because the GIS was filed in 2020.


Chemical Industries of the Philippines (CIP) listed five under total number of officers; it had no rank-and-file employees and no total manpower complement in its general information sheet. More importantly, it also left blank the “total annual compensation of directors during the preceding fiscal year.”

In a public ownership report (POR) dated March 31, 2021 but submitted April 14, 2021, CIP reported seven directors as holders of 25 CIP common shares and 5,057,689 common shares for a total of 5,057,714 common shares or 49.12 percent.

ChemPhil named only one officer in a compensation table, Alexandra Garcia, chief operating officer. Her and “others'” compensation totaled P898,044, divided into a salary of P485,256 and P412,788 (“others”), P485,256 salary and P412,788 (“others”) in 2019, and P485,256 as salary and P376,142 (“others”). Translated, in all three years, her salary did not change and the “others” were the same in 2018 and 2019.


MRC Allied Inc. (MRC), which has 8,512,658,975 shares with a par value of P0.10 each, expects to pay six top executives P5,979,043.62 in 2021, the same amount in 2020. This was P7,779,043.62 in 2019 and P5,340,279.75 in 2018.

The top five executives are Augusto Cosio Jr., president and chief executive officer, who is also a member of the seven-person board; Bernard Rabanzo, chief administrative and finance officer; Jonathan…

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