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Quadrise Fuels International Plc’s bioMSAR fuel outperforms marine diesel in

The company’s new low carbon alternative to heavy fuel oil has tested successfully at a facility in Finland

Quadrise Fuels International PLC told investors its bioMSAR fuel product outperformed marine diesel in tests for efficiency and emissions.

Engine efficiency was up to 7% higher than diesel and average carbon dioxide emissions were 26% lower. Nitrous oxide emissions were described as comparable. Smoke and particulate levels were very low and so were unburned hydrocarbon emissions, Quadrise said.

The results reinforce findings announced in August.

Existing diesel engine fuel pumps and injectors worked well with the bioMSAR fuel.

Some 5 tons of bioMSAR, produced at the Quadrise Research Facility, was formulated for testing with the aim of achieving a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions.

Quadrise said the test conditions were typical of an operating regime for a marine 4-stroke diesel (it took place at 75% load, whereas the typical regime would range between 50% and 90%).

Concurrently, it is conducting separate tests of bioMSAR, using a Cummins 4-stroke high-speed diesel engine, at an Aquafuel facility. Results from this testing programme are anticipated before the end of September.

The bioMSAR fuel is a synthetic alternative to heavy fuel oil (HFO) which is created using renewable glycerol with water and refinery residues, and aims to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions by replacing HFOs.

Quadrise has described Glycerol as a benign chemical that’s colourless, odourless, water-soluble, non-volatile and bio-degradable.  As a fuel, glycerol has excellent lubricity, burns almost pollutant-free and is virtually carbon neutral, it added.

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